DS4A - .UK Domain Namespace Service Level Agreement

DS4A Limited gives notice here of the Service Level Agreement governing the registration of domains within the .UK Top Level Domain (tld) namespace.

Agreement Application.
1. This SLA applies to all .UK Domain Registration Services including associated DNS Services.
1.1 The registrant of a domain name held within the .uk domain namespace operated under a relevant DS4A IPSTAG also agrees to Nominet UK's domain name registration Terms and Conditions: http://www.nominet.org.uk/uk-domain-names/registering-uk-domain/legal-details/terms-and-conditions-domain-name-registration
1.2 The registrant of a domain within the .uk namespace shall provide such documents and / or information to DS4A Limited, as may reasonably be required at any time to satisfy DS4A Limited of the right of a person or organisation to register the domain name in question, or that such information provided at the time of registration or any later time, is correct and true.

Performance and Availability
2. The service is designed to be available continually. Total service availabilty, subject to the terms of this agreement and to reasonable endeavours, should be not less than 99.99% per annum.
2.1 Service availability will be based on the availability of DS4A Limited's Managed DNS Zone Servers (Name Servers) for servicing DNS queries relating to the customers’ domain.
2.2 Non availability of a domain DNS zone will not include any period of time where the service is not available as a result of Planned Maintenance, or where service availability is impacted by failure of other services such as those provided by Top Level Domain (TLD) registries or any force majeure.
2.3 Non availability of a domain DNS zone will not include any period of time where the service is not available as a result of action on the part of any customer who has the ability to create, edit or delete any entry within their own DNS Zone file in the exercise of any such ability. e.g the deletion of a required DNS Zone file entry by the customer.
2.4 Service availability measures only commence from 48 hours after the Domain Name has been registered and the appropriate DNS Zone files configured.

Charges for services.
3. The charge for the domain name registration of any particular domain name will be the charge in force at the time of registration. The charge for registration will be advised to the customer prior to final service order submission by the customer, to us, of their domain name registration request. This may be done in writing, via email or via our online ordering system.
3.1 The charge for the renewal of any particular domain name will be the DS4A Limited charge in force at the time of renewal for the second level domain namespace under renewal. The charge for renewal will be advised to the customer in writing, either by post, email or online prior to the final renewal submission. The customer may choose to cancel the domain name registration by following the procedure laid out under our 'General Terms and Conditions. s.10'
3.2 The charge for the transfer of any particular domain name to the control of another IPSTAG will be free of charge 3.3 The charge for any other action or management of the service by DS4A Limited requested by the customer shall be the DS4A Limited IT support rate in force at the time of the request or provision of the service, whichever is greater. In addition the customer agrees to pay any third party costs incurred by DS4A Limited during the requested action or management of the service.
3.4 No additions, edits, amendments or deletions will be made to either domain registration details, IPSTAG or DNS Records until we have received a request or approval from an authorised customer contact, in writing, or via email, online form, or other means which we consider sufficient, to establish the validity of any such request, which clearly states the action or management service being requested, and the name and position of the requestor.
3.5 DS4A Limited shall undertake requests for action or management of the service within the following timescales once an action or service management request is validated as required in s.3.4

Registration and Change Request Action Times
Registration of Domain Name: 1 Business Day.
Modify Registrant Details: 2 Business Days.
Add \ Amend DNS Records: 1 Business Day.
Domain IPSTAG Transfers: 5 business Days.
Modify Name Servers: 1 Business Day
DS4A Limited 'Change Request Action Times' refer to time taken for DS4A Limited to undertake the action or service management requested in relation to our processing times. Domain transfer requests are dependent on third parties and registry processes. Domain transfers for some domains can take several weeks to complete where a receiving party does not respond in a timely fashion to the transfer acceptance request. Name Server records can take up to 72 hours to fully propagate following a change.
3.6 The initial domain name registration period shall be the duration advised to DS4A Limited by the registrant either in writing, via email or using our online ordering system.
3.7 Domain name registrations will be renewed for a period of at least one year. Where the domain name is initailly registered by DS4A Limited the renewal period will be equal to the original registration period. Periods of shorter or longer registration renewal duration may be agreed with DS4A Limited by the registrant. The agreed domain registration renewal period must be confirmed, either in writing, via email or using our online ordering system, by the registrant.
3.8 Registrants will be advised in writing, or via email or via our online ordering system, no more than 30 days before the expiration of a domain name registration period that the domain registration period is due to expire. DS4A Limited will automatically renew the registration subject to s.3.7.
3.9 Where a registrant wishes not to renew a domain name registration, they must, no less than 14 days before the registration expiry date inform DS4A Limited in writing, or via email or via our online ordering system they they do not wish to renew their domain. Any such notification must clearly state the full domain name in question, the name and address of the registrant, and the date that the current domain name registration period will expire. Any notification must make it clear that the registrant does not want to renew the domain name registration.

Planned Maintenance
4. Planned Maintenance refers to planned engineering works \ network modifications carried out within DS4A Limited's control.
4.1 Notification will be made to the primary contact for the client as advised on the client order or as subsequently updated by the client, whenever planned maintenance is likely to interrupt the service. Alternatively we may display planned maintenance via our website's 'Planned Maintenance' section.
4.2 The above commitment notwithstanding, DS4A Limited reserve the right to carry out emergency maintenance at any time where it is necessary to maintain the integrity or security of the network. DS4A Limited will endeavour to provide as much notification of such emergency maintenance as reasonably possible.

Complaints, Communications and Feedback
5. In the event you need to contact us regarding a complaint relating to our obligations under this service level agreement we would ask you do so as soon as possible. INitially would would aim to resolve any issue informally and as quickly as possible. However if we are unable to resolve your issue to your satisfaction informally you are able to escalate your complaint to a formal complaint. Please refer to the 'Complaints' section of our website for instructions on how this must be done.
5.1 DS4A Limited will acknowledge any complaint, communication or feedback made under this service level agreement, either formal or informal, within a maximum of 5 business days.
5.2 DS4A Limited will provide an initial estimate of the time it will take to investiagte and resolve a complaint made either informally or formally. In the event that the initial investigation and resolution timescale estimate will be exceeded DS4A Limited will notify the complainant of the revised timescale as soon as is reasonably practical.
5.3 The registrant of a domain which is the subject of this service level agreement, may escalate the complaint further to Nominet UK. The registrant of a domain which is the subject of this service level agreement, must first have taken reasonable steps and effort to resolve a complaint directly with DS4A Limited. The registrant must allow DS4A Limited, a reasonable time to investigate and resolve any complaint prior to escalation to Nominet UK.

Nominet UK's Registrar complaint procedure can be found here: http://www.nominet.uk/resources/complaints/#registrar

Domain Abuse
6. In the event that you wish to raise a complaint about domain abuse you have received (for example phishing scams, spam emails etc), please contact us via email, using our 'abuse' email address. Our domain abuse email address can be found here: https://www.ds4a.co.uk/ds4a-domain-abuse-email. To enable us to effectively deal with your domain abuse complaint please supply DS4A Limited with as much detail about the abuse as is reasonably practicable. We will investigate your complaint as soon as possible.

Cancellation of Services

Exclusions to this SLA
7. This Service Level Agreement will not apply where:
(a) failure is due to Force Majeure.
(b) failure is due to inaccurate information provided by the client.
(c) failure is due to the actions of client representatives \ third parties acting for the client or under client instruction.
(d) failure is due to a failure of network access at the clients site location.
(e) the client has failed to implement any reasonable and clear instructions issued by DS4A Limited in relation to the service.
(f) the client and DS4A Limited agree a different timescale for the performance of a Service Level as described in this agreement.
(g) the client is in breach of any part of the contract for services, including the terms and conditions for payment of invoices, or the service has been suspended by DS4A Limited in accordance with terms.
(h) an order of a recognised court instructs DS4A Limited to cease or restrict the provision of services covered by this service level agreement.
(i) an instruction issued by the .uk registry, Nominet UK, to cease or restrict the provision of services covered by this service level agreement is issued to DS4A Limited.