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DS4A FaxPanel is an intuitive and easy to use application that allows anyone to send and receive faxes, securely using SSL encryption, using your standard web browser at extremely competitive rates. No dedicated telephone line is required, and therefore no standard line rental, this can mean you save £££'s. Users of existing fax machines can send you faxes in just the same way they do to anyone else, and you can send to any standard fax number / machine too!

Fax is still alive, and for some, a must.  Approximately 30% of UK office staff see fax as a must have, and more secure than email. Email makes most of it's journey over the public internet, unsecured by any form of encryption. Many large companies and government departments operate fax, and sometimes it's faster and easier to commuicate via fax. With a record of what was sent or received, and when.

With DS4A Fax Panel, if you are a UK user for example, you can select a national 03 number, or a more traditional local number starting 01 or 02. You can even give your international clients and customers fax numbers that are country specific to them as well. You simply pay a small monthly number rental, and then only pay for the faxes you send, or those you receive and store.

Faxes can be easily viewed in almost any browser as PDF documents, or downloaded and stored, viewed and printed locally. Faxes are stored in your DS4A Fax Panel account for up to 180 days, but you are able to delete faxes at anytime before that.