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DS4A attended the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Awsome Day 2017 in Edinburgh. Held at Dynamic Earth on 28th February.

AWS Awsome Days enable us to ensure we are delivering best practice and leveraging the most out of our AWS infrastructure and architecture. Awsome days let us gain a deeper understanding of AWS core and application services. We can learn how to deploy and automate our infrastructure on the AWS Cloud in the most efficient and secure way. It also gives us an opportunity to get any questions our team my have answered by AWS experts, and we can network with the AWS team and our industry peers.

For DS4A The Edinburgh event was to focus on the Business Track elements of AWS. This enables DS4A to ensure any member of the DS4A team understands why we use AWS and why we place our clients onto our AWS infrastructure. The topics covered were:

Venue AWS Awsome Day 2017 Edinburgh - Dynamic Earth

Best Practices for Getting Started with AWS

This session covered 8 best practices that should be focused on when getting started with AWS.

Cost Optimisation on AWS

This session covered tricks, tips and tools that DS4A can use to minimise the costs of running our and your applications and IT services on AWS.

Security & Compliance in the AWS Cloud

In this session, we were introduced to the AWS Shared Security Responsibility Model and discussed some of the technical features and security processes that we can take advantage of to ensure that our and your applications are more secure in the AWS Cloud.

Ask an Architect

During this time we could discuss any issues we had experienced, learn more about new features of AWS and have a great general discussions based around AWS architecture.