AWS Awsomeday Bristol 2017 Logo

DS4A attended the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Awsome Day 2017 in Bristol. Held at The Bristol Hotel on 14th March.

AWS Awsome Days enable DS4A to ensure we are delivering best practice and leveraging the most out of our AWS infrastructure and architecture. Awsome days let us gain a deeper understanding of AWS core and application services. We can learn how to deploy and automate our infrastructure on the AWS Cloud in the most efficient and secure way. It also gives us an opportunity to get any questions our team my have answered by AWS experts, and we can network with the AWS team and our industry peers.

The Bristol Hotel - Bristol.Amazon Web Services are quite unusual in that instead of confining themselves to London, they hold events around the UK, in conjuction with partner sponsors. The fact that on this occassion, March 2017, the AWSomeday was to be held in Bristol was particularly exciting. The venue of 'The Bristol Hotel' was ideal. Located centrally with great access and facilities, and meant we could meet with others from the web and IT industry working in Bristol and the Southwest.

For DS4A the Bristol event was to focus on the Technical Track elements of AWS. DS4A had already attended the Edinburgh event on the business track. Attending both events meant we could ensure we have an up-to-date knowledge of all aspects of Amazon AWS. This enables DS4A to ensure any member of the DS4A team understands how to best deploy AWS and ensure we and our clients get the most from our AWS infrastructure and Architecture. The topics covered were:

AWS Foundations
• AWS global infrastructure
• AWS Management Console (including a demo)

AWS Infrastructure - Part 1

This session covered:

• Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) concepts, including instance types and families, AMIs, and metadata and user data
• Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) storage concepts, including buckets, objects, and lifecycle management
• Amazon S3 demo

Security, Identity, and Access Management

The session covered:

• AWS Shared Responsibility Model
• Security measures provided by AWS
• AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) concepts including users, groups, roles and policies
• IAM Demo

AWS Infrastructure - Part 2

This session covered:

• Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) concepts, including volumes, snapshots, and performance
• Amazon EC2 instance store concepts, including SSD, swap volumes, and optimizing disk performance
• Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) concepts, include subnets, security, and networking

AWS Databases

The session covered:

• Database models (SQL vs. NoSQL)
• Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) concepts, including database instances, security groups, and parameter and option groups
• Amazon DynamoDB concepts, including data model and supported operations

AWS Elasticity & Management Tools

The final session covered:

• Auto Scaling concepts, including launch configurations, Auto Scaling groups, and scaling lifecycle
• Elastic Load Balancing concepts, including request routing and Load Balancer Types
• AWS Management Tools, including Amazon CloudWatch and AWS Trusted Advisor


Everyone who attended found the whole day very worth while and it was an important part of our commercial and personal development experiences.