DS4A has been accepted as an official Nominet UK channel partner. Nominet (the official .UK top level domain registrar and a top 10 global registry service provider.) lays down exacting standards that its channel partners must meet in order to qualify for Nominet channel partner status. Having met that criteria, DS4A is now an offical Nominet UK channel partner registrar. This enables us to register and operate any of the applicable .UK domain names such as .uk, .co.uk, .org.uk, .ltd.uk as well as .cymru, .wales and many more.

DS4A became a Nominet member in 2016. Membership of Nominet helps us to have access to the latest developments in the .UK namespace. It also enables us to actively engage in the development and strategic direction of the .UK namespace too. Nominet values all of it members both large and small and values the input of all of them. As full Nominet members DS4A can:

  • Vote on resolutions at Nominet Annual General Meetings (AGMs), either by attending in person or by proxy
  • Electing Non-Executive Directors to the Nominet Board
  • Joining in with online discussions on the Nominet Members Forum, and sharing views and ideas about how Nominet should operate.

After having met the eligibility criteria for membership of Nominet, DS4A set about putting in place the systems and access to information that Nominet expects its official channel partners to provide to its customers and clients. This involves providing clear terms and conditions for .UK domain name registrations and also robust customer service and complaints handling systems as well as providing information on how our .UK domain clients can escalate complaints to Nominet UK in the unlikely event that they need to.

DS4A as a Nominet channel partner registrar is able to deal with any aspect of registering, managing or hosting your .uk domain name family member, whether it's for your business, your organisation, your school or for you personally.