DS4A - Memberships, Partnerships & Affiliations

As you would expect, DS4A only uses and partners with top businesses and IT sector companies and organisations. This enables us to provide you with the very best products, services and solutions, at affordable prices. Shown below are some of those companies and organisations of which we are proud to be members, work in conjunction with, or from which we receive ongoing training and development.


Nominet UK

DS4A are an official Nominet UK Registrar, and as you would expect, a full Nominet member.

The .UK domain name family including .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk and the new shorter .uk are managed and operated by Nominet. Over 3 million businesses and millions more consumers rely on Nominet's domain registry services. Nominet safeguard the internet by providing a resilient .UK domain.  They work with registrars, law enforcement, international internet communities and support consumer safety initiatives.

Jisc UK

DS4A are an approved JISC Registrar.

Jisc have been responsible for the administration and registration of domain names under ac.uk since 1996. Jisc also manage the second level domain GOV.UK for the UK's Cabinet Office. In 2015 GOV.SCOT launched and also GOV.WALES and LLYW.CYMRU and Jisc provide administration and technical support to the Scottish and Welsh governments for these new second level domains.