Email ID & Security Certificates
Here are the SHA1 fingerprints for the Email ID & Secuirty certificates we use to send and encrypt our email messages. If you need to be extra sure of the authenticity of a message sent to you, check the SHA1 fingerprint value against the ones shown here. Alias: SHA1 Fingerprint: Expiry:
support 53:85:CF:5E:57:4B:3A:05:D1:72:8C:3B:29:B7:88:C1:01:04:04:E3 27/June/2019
office F1:6E:C1:8B:C7:11:00:CE:FB:11:94:71:20:68:14:F9:63:0A:DE:13 05/November/2017
craig.marshall A3:9B:37:BA:74:7A:4B:67:AE:B8:B1:C0:DD:DC:20:BA:80:31:C9:09 03/October/2019